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The Instant Wardrobe is the name that represents the standard show:
The first two creations are very different in style and especially the length of the fabric; and in fact 'by this pretext start the first contact with the public.
Nocera presents the first model and explain that to achieve the creation he used two and a half meters of fabric. Then, after presenting the second model, he asks the audience to guess the total number of meters of fabric that were used to make that model. After a brief survey of the public, Nocera begins to pull a flap of tissue that extends throughout its length (see photo). Twelve meters is the correct answer.
Asked the applause for the winner, Nocera wishes good show, give a clean shot to the fabric, which comes off definitively from the model, and magically brings up another dress.
From this moment on, the show takes place alternately, for several times, the dressing of the models, (as basic wearing a body), directly in front of the public scene.
Nocera with his Instant Fashion produces clothes of any kind and for any occasions, skirts, shirts, pants, jackets, leggings, wedding dresses, but also evening dresses.
Each creation has an introductory presentation and a personal music that characterizes the suit and the parade.
During the show the audience can be involvement through a game, which if necessary can be customized or removed. It depends on the time of performance required ,and customer needs.


The Game or public involvement takes place as follows:
Normally just before the final, Nocera’s models choose two spectators inviting to follow them on stage.
After the usual presentations, the two guests are asked to undress the models, who refuse saying that this was not expected; It will come to a compromise: the girls agree, but before the two suitors must make in return a sexy dance.
With a bit 'of hilarity the two protagonists will complete a simple choreography, and finally did, the girls agree to be stripped.
At the end of Strip, Nocera invites the two new designers to dress again the girls creating instant clothes using their own imagination.
Through the applause the audience will choose the winner of the race, which then will be dressed in Chinese or Indian style, because Nocera makes believe that the event organizer offers a trip as a gift. On the music that identifies the country of destination the parade starts featuring the winner. At the end there will be no journey, but a gadget from event organizer or a gift offered by Nocera.
The show ends with the realization of the latest outfits, one for every model.
The final and 'enriched by a nice surprise that allows Nocera to create a magical effect.The show can last up to 45 minutes of entertainment.


Starting from the "Belle Epoque" to get to "2010" and against every canon of fashion, one fabric pass through 100 years of history of fashion, come to the present day and is always current. (see photo).
Changing only the accessories, and using always the same fabric, Alfredo Nocera proposes the image of a woman with each new decade has a new dress always fashionable.
The whole show is supported by music, choreography, ways of parade , video projections reminiscent of the fashion, the characters and events that have marked every decade.
The show can last up to 30/40 minutes of entertainment. Fundamental Video Projector.


A model, a hat and a dress, and through the magic of Instant Fashion, from the hat and only dress will be created nine different creations. (see photo)
The hat shaped as Venetian tricorn breaks up and turns into other types of hats, in collar, bodice, sleeves, skirt and more ... Just as the hat also the dress has a personal evolution.
The final is dedicated to the Venetian Carnival where everything get started.
The show lasts 15 minutes. To integrate the duration of the show and bring it to 35-40 min is provided to insert a special and reduced version of "The Instant Wardrobe”.


5 colors: blue, yellow, red, black and white, are the stars of this show of theatrical cut.
To excite the spectator , Alfredo Nocera, with the pretext of creating an instant dress , create fashion, projecting video images, music and dance.
The show lasts 15 minutes. Fundamental is the video projector and a stage suitable to contain effects with large curtains and dance troupe of 5/6 dancers.
To integrate the duration of the show and bring it to 35-40 minutes is provided to insert "Chapeau" or a special and reduced version of "The instant wardrobe".


Two of the arts that best represent Made in Italy are fashion and opera.
Fashion Instant blends with the beautiful singing of the soprano Tiziana Caminiti
Alfredo Nocera directly creates on the stage and on the body of soprano clothes reminiscent of the protagonists of the most famous operas.
Tiziana Caminiti performs accompanied by a pianist or with the support of backing tracks in the role of Madame Butterfly, Tosca, Turandot, La Traviata, Manon Lescaut, The Merry Widow, and other .
The show can last up to 30/35 minutes of entertainment.


In addition to usual fabrics, Nocera also uses common things you find at home:
garbage bags - knick-knacks - picnic plates and glasses – computer - audio cassettes - magnetic and video tape – camera - caps - brooms - newspapers - plastic - wood - iron - Pasta (Italian food) - fruit and vegetable.


Instead of cloth, Instant Fashion can be done with paper too. Why not? A beautiful lady in evening paper wrapping.


The fashion that delight the palate to the taste of chocolate.
The official and absolute protagonist of the event is "Chocolate" and everything that revolves around the delicious world of temptations.
For this occasion, the clothes will be inspired and made with chocolate and with the diversity of materials that repackage.
All this happens on the stage directly on the body of seductive models and the show will leave the audience spellbound by the originality of instant fashion enjoying excellent chocolate.


A practical suggestion to a girl who falls in love and decides to marry at once. Instant Fashion fits this occasion as well with 4 or 5 gowns made in few minutes on the most classic wedding march.


Models made up and combed like well-known stars including:
M. Monroe - M. Dietrich - R. Hayworth - Madonna - Jessica Rabbit - G. Kelly - S. Loren - Audrey Hepburn.


Our planet is rich of ethnicity and all of them are different in colors, dances and uses, but first of all their way to dress up shows their own culture. All this happens on stage by a travel  around the world.


On this occasion imagination can satisfy everybody’s whims. A scrap of cloth may be transformed in a costume like: Clown  -  Geisha  -  Maharani  -  Odalisque  -  Samurai, etc… For: parents and children.


With 4 o 5 dresses and gowns, Nocera recalls famous fashion designers like: Valentino - Versace - Moschino - Gautier - Yves Saint Laurant.


Leaving for holidays? Perfect! So please draw out your sarong from your suit-case and use it as I do!


Also man has a role in Instant Fashion with creations recalling:
Lawrence of Arabia - Chung Lee - Roman Senator - Gandhi - The Man of the Past and the Future, the Good and the Bad.